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Is a Bridal Show Necessary?

When you’re planning your big day, you may be considering going to bridal shows in your area. You might be wondering whether they are really necessary to attend or if it’s something you can skip altogether. Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider attending those bridal shows and expos in your area before the big day arrives.

Get Fresh Ideas

While planning your wedding day you may have everything all picked out already. Remember that you’ve been planning your big day since you can remember. However, your spouse to be also may have ideas as well. It’s good to go to these types of shows to gain new ideas that you may not have considered before. Perhaps you’ll find new ideas that tie in both the dreams you have for your wedding and your new spouse’s ideas as well.

See Dress Styles

When you attend the bridal shows you can find all the latest and greatest dress styles that are fashionable. This includes everything from the bridal gown to the bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses. The fashion shows that are seen at the bridal expos can help you to find the style that you and the girls in the wedding will love.

Find Vendors

One great benefit to visiting the expos and shows is it will connect you with the vendors in your area. Connecticut has amazing vendors for all your bridal and wedding needs. This is an easy way to find all the photographers, locations, and caterers you can think of all in one convenient place.

Bridal shows and expos are great ways to get fresh ideas, learn new techniques, and find the vendors you’re looking for when you’re wedding is around the corner. Make it a fun day by packing up your girls in the wedding, hitting the shows and making plans for your wedding day.

Vendor Spotlight: Tarrywile Mansion

Whatever season you choose for your wedding, you want a venue that will look gorgeous. Whatever style of wedding you are planning, you want a venue that will meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever the wedding, Danbury’s Tarrywile Mansion is an excellent choice for the venue.

Tarrywile offers exclusive use for your wedding day, meaning yours is the only event they have going on that day. This gives you the chance to make it your own, and really experience all it has to offer. From the beautiful surrounding park to the stunning architecture of the mansion, a wedding at Tarrywile lets you take a step away from the ordinary and into something truly special.

Offering a beautiful location for outdoor weddings, and a gorgeous indoor space, Tarrywile offers everything you could want in a wedding venue. They are experienced and can help you create the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a formal event or a casual event. The beauty of Tarrywile is its flexibility to suit any wedding with total perfection.

To find out more about Tarrywile and other great Connecticut wedding vendors, check out our directory or come to one of our upcoming shows!

A Candy Buffet Can Bring Fun to Your Wedding

Are you looking for something that brings a bit of childhood fun and whimsy to your wedding? A candy buffet might be the right choice for you.

Candy buffets are a great way to give your guests a treat at your reception and they look beautiful. The Candy Bin in Danbury will work with you and your fiance to stock your buffet full of your favorite treats. These can be color-coded to suit your wedding palette or tied into your wedding theme.

The candy is displayed in various sizes of apothecary jars and vases for a fantastic retro style. Guests can even use the candy bags provided to create their take-home mix of candy. This is the perfect wedding favor that your guests will have fun putting together.

The Candy Bin offers a variety of candy buffet packages. You can have them set up and take down the buffet or do it yourself with supplies rented from them. Either way, you’ll be adding a fantastic and fun element to your wedding reception.

Whether you’re a chocoholic or gummi crazy, you and your guests will love a candy buffet from The Candy Bin. To find out more about them and to meet many other great Connecticut wedding vendors, come to one of our upcoming shows.


Photo: Flickr/Corey Balazowich


Great Ideas for a Fantastic Spring Wedding Menu

Spring may be the most popular season for weddings, but it’s also a foodie’s dream season. If you’re a foodie getting married, it makes sense to choose spring for all the fabulous catering options the season offers.

The first step to having the perfect spring wedding menu is to find an experienced Connecticut wedding caterer. Event Caterers in Danbury are an excellent choice. Chef Joseph Yorio has more than 20 years of culinary expertise and experience. He and his team bring their love of food to every event, making sure the menu is perfect for you and your guests.

For a spring wedding menu, Event Caterers have many great choices. For your cocktail hour, consider these passed hors d’oeuvres:

  • Seared lamb loin capanata & olive toast
  • Orange glazed shrimp with avocado papaya salad on endive
  • Strawberry stuffed with herb Boursin cheese & candied walnut
  • Cornmeal Crusted Jalepeno Pepper, Stuffed with roasted eggplant & Manchego cheese, Red Pepper Drizzle

They also offer delicious seasonal display options, including fruit, vegetables, cheeses, and Italian antipasto.

For your main course, their top spring selections include:

  • Roasted Sea Bass, beluga lentils, lobster, carrot & coriander nage
  • Herb roasted Frenched chicken breast, truffle mashed potatoes & broccolini
  • Farfalle with black olives, wild mushrooms & creamy leek sauce

If you prefer a buffet, they can work with you to create the selection of your dreams. They also offer a popular station service. This allows you to bring one of the hottest wedding catering trends to your Connecticut wedding.

To find out more about Event Caterers, or to get in touch with many other excellent Connecticut wedding vendors, check out our show directory or come to one of our upcoming Connecticut bridal shows.

Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress Tips

Contrary to people, the wedding day is not only a special day for the engaged couple. In fact, each member of their family and close circle of friends are also feel happy on this day because of the union about to take place. Additionally, the couple’s parents are among those who feel happiest that their children are marrying someone they are appreciative of. As such, it is important for the mother of both the groom and bride to choose the right dress to wear for the event.

Here are some tips in choosing the dress for the mother of the bride and groom:

Choose her style

Make sure that you look for a dress that is somewhat similar to how she normally dresses. In doing so, you can find something that she will be comfortable in wearing during your wedding day.

Consider the theme

If you have a traditional wedding, your mother of the bride or groom dress should also be something refined and classical. On the contrary, if the theme is somewhat new and hip, the dress can be something modern yet within the lines of being classy.

Go with the color scheme

The mother of the bride and groom dress should have a color slightly similar to the ones being used by the bridesmaids. This way, they can wear something that is close to the bridal party.

Avoid dark and dull colors

Using dark and dull colors like black and grey are considered inappropriate for weddings. Instead, go for a lighter and more celebratory color for the dress.

Remember that the mother of the bride and groom dress should be classy and elegant. You can browse through one of our recommended bridal fashion vendors to find a mother of the bride and groom dress.

Why It Helps to Bring Friends When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

The bodice or the part covering the neck to the area above the skirt matters when picking out the wedding dress. Although most of your supporters might end up disagreeing about the bodice, you can do your part so others see the dress the way you do. These steps are so easy that you can get started on them right away.

Learn About The Different Types of Bodice

Different kinds of bodice are available to compliment a certain wedding dress silhouette. You can choose from a corset, midriff, halter, tank, or surplice types of bodice. If everyone agrees on the style of the dress overall but feel uncertain about the bodice, you can try other options or request an alteration. This might affect your fixed budget but if everyone is happy then it is worth the splurge.

Determine Which Bodice Type Works Well for You

The best way to settle disagreements about the type of bodice on a wedding dress is to choose the one that flatters in the beginning. Apple shaped brides need to avoid halter bodices since the cut will draw attention to broad shoulders. Depending on what the bride and the entourage want to accentuate, it is important to determine which bodice works for different body shapes.

Be Open Minded In Trying Other Styles

If you have an unwavering vision of what the bodice on your wedding dress should look like, expect your vision to change. All sorts of insights can strike in the bridal shop as you try your dress on and people you trust give you their opinion. While some brides readily yield, others will not give up a wedding dress idea despite other people’s well-meaning opinions. It will be easier for you if you just consider the opinion of friends or family. That is one of the many steps toward a stress-free wedding.

You can check out some of our recommended wedding gown vendors to help make your hunt easier. By having your friends with you, you can make the process a lot of fun!


How Decorations Help with Your Wedding

When you walk into a wedding, there are always telltale signs that something magical is unfolding. You have decorative pieces to thank for, as they do more than just sit pretty in their respective corners.

Collectively, they tie a theme together for a cohesive look. They add an extra element to the view and give the wedding a certain character. This makes for a memorable milestone, forever captured in photos, and in the hearts of the celebrants. 

Deciding on a type of wedding and reception must come early into the planning. This way, you can choose which decors will make it to the list of priorities. No matter how minute these details are, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Weddings are always magical with decorative elements, and here essential choices to include in your set-up.

Here are some of the thing that will help with your wedding decorations:

Linens – It’s common to see table and chair set-ups with linen coverings. This is one way that event planners dress up the reception area to make it look more festive and prettified. You will see chairs dressed to the nines in elegant and sophisticated weddings, but it also costs more. Still, you can use linens as accents to your themed celebration without going over the top with the littlest details. Don’t forget floor runners that add spice to your dance floor. 

Centerpieces – Linens add appeal to the reception, but centerpieces always end up being the conversation starters. These items are placed in the middle of the tables as accent pieces. Some samples are dainty floral arrangements, elegant vases with intricate designs, vintage-inspired candelabras and rustic accessories. In this age when wedding photographers are keen on documenting events down to the last detail, it’s also advantageous to choose accents that are picture-worthy. 

Lights – As with home living, lighting truly lends a different look and feel to a wedding celebration. If your ceremony leads up to sunset/early evening or an indoor reception, you can utilize different lighting fixtures to add a more romantic atmosphere to the place. Pinterest has a plethora of lighting inspirations for your planning. 

Signages – Wooden signages are all the rave these days. They look good in rustic-themed weddings or even on pre-nuptial photos. Onsite, these are typically used to welcome guests or indicate directions for seating arrangements and whatnot. Make sure not to crowd the signages. Keep your writing readable, minimal and lighthearted! 

Flowers – Weddings are never complete without flowers! Floral decors are simply beautiful and romantic, two elements that this special occasion needs. From elegant whites to passionate reds, you can be experimental with your choice of color combinations and arrangements. You can base your selection according to the season, the theme or as a homage to your longtime favorites. Our recommended florists will sure to help you decorate your venue according to your theme.

Make sure you decorate your wedding venue so you can transform the empty room into a magical place suitable for people to fall in love in!

Planning and Creating Your Wedding Cake

Weddings aren’t complete without the staple centerpiece: the cake. As a focal point, the cake has to stand out in a place of honor and blend in with the occasion’s theme to create a unified look. Bride-to-bes get ecstatic about customizing their choice down to the last detail. Haven’t decided yet? Here are the essentials to creating the cake of your dreams!


Looking at cakes is a different experience with actually tasting it; don’t be deceived by appearances alone. Cake testing is done to ensure that the couple handpicks the flavor that everyone else will love and enjoy eating.

Pastry chefs and cake makers now get a lot of requests for flavor combinations. If you’re feeling experimental, you might want to try different flavors and fillings for every tier. For example, you can go for the basic vanilla chiffon cake with a rich chocolate filling. For freshness, try raspberries and cherries. The red velvet cake with a cream cheese filling has also charmed quite a lot of people the past year.

Experimenting with tiers is a good idea since having one flavor alone is predictable. Try something new and make every layer of your cake a surprise. What’s important is to expose yourself to a wide range of tastes so you can decide on a definite selection afterwards. 


The design aspect of a wedding cake is what makes it a centerpiece that guests look forward to. Like the wedding’s theme, it is also exciting to plan! However, you need to be creative but practical with your budget especially since cakes can be quite expensive. A grandiose confection may be out of your league but you can still customize your design through creativity in the design process.

A quick and simple tip in choosing a design is to do the following:

  • Search for visual inspiration from magazines and blogs
  • Canvass prices to come up with a price range
  • Determine the portions according to the number of guests
  • Find a cake designer who can create the style you envision.

If you want to incorporate your design to your theme, it’s much easier to do so. Rustic weddings can make use of a centerpiece that’s wood-based (think earthy colors and intricate twigs wrapped around the tiers). If you’re hosting a beach wedding, you can draw inspiration from the sea (shell toppers, pebble or pearl ornaments and a simple color combination of white and baby blue).

You probably already have an idea in mind for your dream wedding cake. To put that into actual form, you need a basis. So seek for inspirations, gather photo pegs and be visual! You can also call our recommended caterers to help you choose your wedding cake.

Which Wedding Colors Should You Choose for Your Theme

Nowadays, when you’re planning your wedding, you simply have to start with choosing a theme. Through this, you can already start planning on the colors, decorations, and music that you will be using for your wedding reception. Apart from choosing a theme to work with, you also have to choose the colors that you would like to use. The good thing about these two is that they usually go hand in hand together.

Here are some of the common wedding theme and color combinations being used in today’s weddings:


If you’re the type of person who prefers simple things, you can go for a rustic/country chic wedding. This is a theme that celebrates nature and being outdoors. If this is a theme that you would like to use for your wedding, you can include some hay and picnic tables as your decoration. The colors that are usually used in rustic themed wedding include greens, oranges, whites, and reds.


Another popular theme being used in wedding is vintage. This theme speaks about reinvention and bringing back the old world charm to today’s time. Vintage themed weddings come in different forms: shabby chic and classic retro are just two of these options. The theme is characterized by the use of antique lace and Victorian frocks.

Because of how diverse the theme is, there are also plenty of color combinations being used for the theme. Among these include mint, salmon pink, seafoam green, creams, rust, copper, and aqua.


True to its nature, a beach themed wedding exudes a laid back atmosphere. If you are fond of going to the beach, you can go for this theme on your wedding. This is a great way you can bring the beach to where your wedding is. If you would like to use a beach theme for your wedding, you can use colors like blue, white, greens, and coral.

Depending on your preferred color combination, you can use a theme with the colors mentioned above. By establishing the theme you would like for your wedding, you can easily plan your wedding in no time. You can choose from one of these recommended venues where you would like to have your themed wedding.

How to Have Clear Skin on Your Wedding Day

For a bride-to-be, it is important that you take care of your skin so that you are able to look your best during your wedding day. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve having clear skin during one of the most important events in your life:

Clean Your Diet

Before your wedding, try to start eating healthier and unprocessed foods. You can go on a natural, plant-based diet so you can clear up your intestines and stop the acidic toxins that have been known to contribute to the onset of skin acne. Not only that, you also get a lighter feeling in your body because of the change in your diet.

Start Exercising

Exercising can help you flush out the harmful toxins in your body. It has also been proven to help improve blood circulation. As a result, you get a healthy glow after you finish exercising and helps your skin cells become healthier. You do not need to join a gym membership if you do not have the budget for it. You can simply go running, hiking, biking, or any activity that makes you feel good. Exercising will not only help produce glowing skin, it will also boost your mood, and help you maintain your weight for your wedding dress.

Drink Plenty of Water

In order to function properly, your body requires plenty of water. This is why you need to drink enough so that you do not dehydrate yourself. Another option is to eat fruits that contain high water content and additional benefits like watermelons, cucumbers, and tomatoes.


You can exfoliate at home by mixing together ground oatmeal and water. This will help remove the top layer of your epidermis to reveal your glowing skin. As a result, you get a rosy glow on your face.

You do not need a lot of money to start taking care of your skin to prepare for your wedding day. All you need to have is willpower so you can achieve the results that you want. This is the best way you can make your skin clearer before your wedding day! Another option is to get a massage so you can relax your tired muscles. Visit our recommended massage places to book a schedule today!