Month: April 2017

Going Solo?

wedding-coordinatorIf you recently got engaged and are still relishing in that perfect moment, you might not have put some serious thought into the planning of the wedding itself. A lot of women grow up dreaming about their wedding day and envision the perfect dress, the party, even the groom himself, however, they don’t ordinarily think about all the planning that must go into the event so that it turns out perfectly. If you are engaged, it’s time for you to start thinking about this and considering your options. A lot of people decide to do it on their own and, if you have the time and discipline, it is a perfectly good idea. However, if you are the kind of girl who is always running around, can’t keep a clean agenda or doesn’t even know how to start, don’t worry, there is a great option for you.

Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Planners

Wedding coordinators work alongside wedding planners. Even though wedding planners are the ones who do the planning itself, wedding coordinators are the ones who make sure everything happens as it should. Hiring one of each is an excellent idea if you want to have the peace of mind that things will get resolved and that you will be the one making the decisions without having to do the dirty work.

The Big Day

During the wedding day, your wedding coordinator will be in touch with everyone who is relevant during the ceremony and party. This will allow you to simply feel the nervous jitters before the ceremony and then enjoy yourself and your fiancé (or husband) for the rest of the day. With their professional help, you can rest assured that everything will work out perfectly, and if something doesn’t, you won’t even notice, your wedding coordinator will be on top of any issue before you even get to say “I do”.

The Right Providers

weddingvendorIf you are planning your wedding, you are probably aware of the million details you need to take care of and decide over before the big day. If you are an organized person, you probably started out with the big things, like the venue and the church (in case you are getting married in a church) and then moved on to other things.

No matter what part of the wedding you are working on, you should always make sure you have the right vendors providing the service or product you need. A lot of people hire general vendors for their weddings however, with so many specialized wedding vendors, you might be better off hiring one of the latter. Make sure you can always trust your wedding vendors.

Finding Wedding Vendors in CT

Wedding vendors are easy to find in Connecticut so if you’re planning to get married in the area, you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right ones. Make sure you have a clear idea about what you are looking for. You might find yourself making different choices along the way, but coming in with a clear idea will always help vendors offer you what you need or at least something that is close to that initial idea. This will also help you avoid extra costs while they take advantage of you not knowing.

Coordinating the Vendors

Once you have decided on the vendors you will hire, make sure you put them all in contact with the venue so that they can talk about details and you are completely sure that they will be able to get there on time, be allowed in and have the contact for any kind of issues. This is a very important step that a lot of people don’t even think about. Make sure you plan ahead to avoid any issues on the day of your wedding when that’s the last thing you’ll want to be worrying about.

The Day After

planning-a-weddingOne of the most emotional and important days in a woman’s life is the day when her partner gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. This day should be perfect and magical and everything you have ever dreamed of. After this, the next thing in your mind is probably the wedding day, however, there is a long and exciting process in the in between that you should take the chance to enjoy.

Wedding Preparations

Planning a wedding itself can be stressful at times, especially as the big day approaches, but every bride-to-be should relish in the moment and enjoy every step of the way. There are a number of details that go into making sure the wedding turns out as perfect as you’ve always imagined it so make sure you give yourself (and your partner) enough time to enjoy the wedding preparations.

The Church and the Venue

The church and the venue for the party are two of the most important things so you might want to start with them. Once you have this set, you will be able to go into details. Try to make sure they are close to each other and even look at options for marriage within the venue itself rather than having to move from one place to another.

The Party

Most of the wedding preparations go into the party. You’ll need to decide whether you want live music or a DJ, flowers or other kind of decorations on the tables, the menu, the cake and even whether you will give your guests some kind of favor. Take the time to talk things through with your partner to make sure you are both getting what you want and always remember that this party is supposed to be about celebrating your love for each other so personal details will always make it much nicer!

The Bells Are Ringing

bridal-epxoAre you hearing the bells ring? Has that moment you’ve been long waiting for finally arrived? If he finally got down on one knee, opened up about his feelings (even crying a little) and popped out the ring, you are probably ecstatic about the situation. And you definitely should be. A wedding is one of the most exciting moments of a person’s life and it’s not just about the day of the wedding itself, but also about all the planning that goes into it; whether it’s picking a dress, choosing the menu, having a bachelorette party or planning the honeymoon, it’s all a process that you should thoroughly enjoy.

Finding Everything in the Same Place

One of the most complicated things about planning a wedding is the fact that you will need to reach out and negotiate with tons of different providers. Someone will be able to get you the perfect dress, you will need to hire a catering company, music, waiters, the venue, the church, the list goes on and one. Luckily, there is one option that can help make your life that much easier. Bridal expos are events where you will be able to find all the providers you will need (and even some you didn’t know you wanted in the first place) in one venue. This will allow you to spend one arduous day with your partner looking for the perfect providers and then simply enjoy the ride.

Bridal Expos

Bridal expos are the kind of place where providers of all kinds of products and services get together in order to offer recently engaged couples the chance to choose those that work best for their needs. You will be able to find all sorts of ideas and products that will help you make sure your wedding is the perfect day not just for you and your fiancé, but also for everyone else invited.