Month: October 2016

Unique Halloween Wedding Ideas

Have you always dreamed of a unique wedding? Is Halloween your favorite time of year? Why not consider joining the two and making a very memorable, fun and unique wedding? There are tons of great ideas for your big day that can make it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Here are a few ideas for planning a wedding with a Halloween theme.

Start with the invitation

Remember that the invitation is the first hint of your wedding event that your guests will see. Make it fit your theme with incorporating elements of the event. You can make it super creepy if that’s how you want your wedding to go or you can go for a more lighthearted element.

Consider something other than white

If you’re truly wanting to go with a Halloween décor, then consider getting a grey or even black dress instead of the traditional white. This can be easily done with the variety of wedding gown ideas on the market. Most brides go with less traditional dresses these days and this will help you find one that fits your theme, and personality, perfectly.

Incorporate a photo booth

Talk to your CT wedding photographer about setting up a Halloween themed photo booth on-site for your guests to take fun pictures after the wedding ceremony. Some vendors may even offer to take the picture for them and have a site where all the guests can go afterwards to see the pictures and get copies.

Don’t forget the food!

There are many ways your food can go for the wedding reception. Discuss with your caterer if you want an elegant Halloween theme or more lighthearted and fun. There are many routes you can go from the delicious fall pumpkin recipes to a creepier eyeball in the punchbowl type of theme. It’s all up to what you and your spouse to be have in mind.

Halloween can be elegant

If you want elegance with your Halloween motif, then be sure to discuss this with your wedding coordinator. You can incorporate Halloween with beautiful white pumpkins, black sequins and even gold accents for a classy, yet still Halloween, décor.

Entertainment Ideas for Your Event

Are you planning a corporate event or wedding in your near future? Maybe you’re looking for some great CT entertainment ideas and you’re at a loss for what to do. Here are some great ideas for entertainment at your upcoming event.

Bring the Magic

Whether you’re going for a light hearted theme at your wedding or you want to bring some joy to a family corporate event, a magician is a great way to go. They can be fun entertainment for adults or children.

DJ’s or Bands

Music is always a great option. Whether you have a live band or you choose a DJ, the music can keep the event going and moving smoothly. You can have a dance floor for those who want to get up and show their moves or just to have a fun way to spend the reception time together.


Have you thought about having a juggler that could walk through your event entertaining at the tables as your guests are dining? This is one way you can have entertainment throughout the ceremony and it can feel like it’s on a personal level.

Singing Waiters

Some catering companies may offer this with their services.  Talk with them to see if they have a singing wait staff to add an element of entertainment to the dining experience.

There are lots of exciting ideas to plan your event and make it one to remember. Whether it’s your corporate gathering or a wedding, you can have CT entertainment that will be sure to please guests of all ages. You can always consider other options such as a caricature artist, ice sculptor, steel drum band to play or even a fire breathing entertainer depending on your theme. The choices are endless!

What to Ask Your Caterer

Whether you’re planning a wedding or your big corporate event, a caterer is one of the key components of the event. You need to have someone you can work well with in planning the entire dining menu. From appetizers to drinks and meals, this person needs to be someone who has a good management skill set and also can handle whatever may come their way during the event itself. Here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind when planning your event and working with your wedding caterer.

License and Insurance

One thing that is important for your caterer to have is a license and liability insurance if you should choose to serve alcohol at the event. Make sure to talk with them about these items and find out whether or not they, and you, are covered. You want everyone to have a good time but you also want to be covered should someone take things too far.

References and Referrals

Do not be afraid to ask for references of past clients. They can let you know whether the wedding caterer you’re considering is a good choice or not. Everyone has bad days but if you see a pattern of “bad days” you want to steer clear of that choice.

Do They Have Special Menus?

Nowadays people have several allergies and food groups that are not able to be enjoyed by all. Talk with your caterer if they work with gluten free, allergen free menus or if they are not able to accommodate.

Full Service Options

Do you want your caterer to offer full service including setting of the tables, serving and clearing the tables? It’s important to find out what they include when it comes to your day and event. Be sure to ask these and other questions that might come up so that both you and your caterer have a clear idea of what to expect.