Month: September 2016

Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

You’re planning your big day and one of the major components of that day is capturing it on film. You want to know that while you’re enjoying your ceremony and reception there’s someone you can trust that is capturing all those precious moments. Finding the right person to handle your bridal photography and wedding ceremony pictures is imperative to having your moment captured for a lifetime. Here are a few things you need to discuss with your potential photographers when you’re planning a wedding.

Confirm the Date

Make sure that when you’re talking with them that they have your wedding date opened up. If they already have other weddings that day or have something planned, you don’t need to bother with any more questions.

Check Portfolios

You want to see what type of pictures they take and how they stage photos etc. You want to be able to see examples of their work to make sure they are a good fit with you and your spouse to be.

Discuss Wedding Shoots

Don’t be afraid to ask them how many weddings they’ve actually shot before. This can be a tell-tale sign before you get involved with a photographer that doesn’t quite know what they’re doing. Be sure you ask questions and ask to see some of their wedding shots if they’ve done them before.

Backup Plans

Make sure you discuss with them if they have backup equipment for any case of something going out on location. Discuss with them what their plans are for inclement weather etc. You want to be totally comfortable with the wedding photographer you choose. Remember to ask questions, ask for portfolios and do your research to guarantee your day is captured just how you imagined.

Tips for Your Bridal Show Visit

So you’re planning your wedding and you’re about to go to your first bridal show. What do you need to know to make it through the show and get the most out of it? Here are a few tips to get you through the show and through the planning process without a hitch.

The Size of the Show

Consider the size of the show you want to go to. Some of the larger “mega” type shows are in grand ballrooms at hotels and offer hundreds of vendors for you to browse through. This can also mean you can get lost in the shuffle and become quite overwhelmed at the sheer volume of ideas at the bridal expos. Smaller bridal fair locations can give you a more intimate feel and easier time of connecting with vendors on a personal level. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing what show to attend.

Prepare a Plan

Bring along a partner in crime with you to help you keep up with ideas you like and find along the way. Be sure that when you go to the bridal fair that you bring something such as a notebook or journal to keep your favorite ideas and notes jotted down in. This will help you later when you have time to relax and go through what you’ve found.

Know When to Go

You need to know when it’s time for you to leave and let your brain relax. Be sure you do not push yourself to stay at the bridal expo any longer than you can handle. When you’re not wanting to even think of the day any longer, it’s time to take a break from planning.

Keep these ideas in mind as you look for the upcoming CT bridal shows in the area.

Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas

Arriving and leaving your wedding in style is something that most brides dream of. One of the fine details of the wedding is the transportation to and from the ceremony or reception. Instead of arriving and leaving your big day in your traditional vehicle, why not consider some of these unique wedding transportation ideas for your big day.

Rent a Sports Car

You could easily rent one of your favorite sports cars to embark on your adventure as a married couple in style. Consider renting one as a surprise to your spouse to be on the big day. There are many types of cars you can choose from and they can add a special element to your departure.

Horse and Carriage

Have you dreamed of a fairytale wedding and your dream includes a horse and carriage? If not, it’s a total possibility you should consider for your wedding transportation. These are very beautiful carriages and the horses are majestic adding a special touch to end your dream wedding.

Party Bus

Bring your wedding party along with you for the ride when you’re moving from the ceremony to the reception. Get the celebration started early by using a party bus rental to transport you and your friends safely to the reception or anywhere you need to go that day. This is a way for you to fully enjoy the celebration without having to worry about having a designated driver.

Go Antique

Consider an antique car or even an old tractor of someone you know to ride off into the sunset with your spouse. These unique wedding transportation ideas can help you to leave in style while adding a touch of your own personalities to the event. Consider two wheel adventures such as an antique motorcycle or even a golf cart that is all decorated for the event. Leaving your wedding can be as unique as your own style and personality with these great ideas.

DJ or Band? Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to your big day, you want to be sure you have just the right flow of music at all times. There are two options to do this and it can be hard to decide between a live band or having a DJ there to assist. Choosing between wedding DJ’s in CT and a band can be easier than you might think. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re selecting the music for your big event.

Newest Hits

When you work with a DJ you can select the types of songs you want played and they can range from the oldies to the newest and hottest hits today. The DJ can bring a wide variety of music while a live band may be restricted to just the genre they play. A band may be able to take requests for songs depending on the styles they usually do, but you may find that if you want to pick and choose songs that a DJ is the better route to go.

Play for Hours

Consider how long your reception may go when it comes to the music. While a DJ can take breaks while songs are still playing, a band will generally have to take a break and the music may die down as well. Some bands may have a backup in place for music to continuously be playing but others may not. Consider if you want the music to stop completely or if you want to always have something going in the background even during breaks.

Live Bands Can Be Great Fun

One thing to consider is a live band can go back and replay certain parts of songs if you request it. They can be spur of the moment and move through your reception with ease. The wedding DJ’s in CT may not have the freedom to get back to a song you didn’t get enough of as easily as the band can.  These are just a few things to consider when you’re choosing your wedding music.