Month: August 2016

Is a Bridal Show Necessary?

When you’re planning your big day, you may be considering going to bridal shows in your area. You might be wondering whether they are really necessary to attend or if it’s something you can skip altogether. Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider attending those bridal shows and expos in your area before the big day arrives.

Get Fresh Ideas

While planning your wedding day you may have everything all picked out already. Remember that you’ve been planning your big day since you can remember. However, your spouse to be also may have ideas as well. It’s good to go to these types of shows to gain new ideas that you may not have considered before. Perhaps you’ll find new ideas that tie in both the dreams you have for your wedding and your new spouse’s ideas as well.

See Dress Styles

When you attend the bridal shows you can find all the latest and greatest dress styles that are fashionable. This includes everything from the bridal gown to the bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses. The fashion shows that are seen at the bridal expos can help you to find the style that you and the girls in the wedding will love.

Find Vendors

One great benefit to visiting the expos and shows is it will connect you with the vendors in your area. Connecticut has amazing vendors for all your bridal and wedding needs. This is an easy way to find all the photographers, locations, and caterers you can think of all in one convenient place.

Bridal shows and expos are great ways to get fresh ideas, learn new techniques, and find the vendors you’re looking for when you’re wedding is around the corner. Make it a fun day by packing up your girls in the wedding, hitting the shows and making plans for your wedding day.

Benefits to Renting a Wedding Limo Service

As you’re planning your big day, you want to make sure you consider the transportation aspect of the day itself. Some people tend to forget this altogether until the day of or they just plan on riding in their own vehicles for the day. Why not step out of the box and consider a wedding limo service for your transportation? There are many benefits to using the wedding limo services and here are just a few to consider.

No Designated Driver Needed

When you’re celebrating it can be easy to forget someone has to be the designated driver. If you plan on having alcohol at your wedding, hiring a wedding limo service provider is a great idea. You can enjoy the day and have lots of fun while knowing that your transportation is waiting to safely take you to your next destination.

More Room for Friends

If you and your wedding party are planning to go to the reception together then this is an easy way to keep everyone together safely. Everyone in the wedding party can ride to the reception area together without worrying if someone runs into traffic or gets stopped along the way. Everyone arrives together and on time with the wedding limo at your service.

Arrive and Depart in Style

How often do you get to feel like a celebrity? Your wedding day is one of those times that you should feel extra special. Arriving and departing your ceremony and reception in style is easy to do with a wedding limo service. You can feel like you and your spouse are on top of the world and can sit together without worrying about traffic or focusing on where you’re going. The wedding limo service is a great addition to your day!