Month: May 2016

5 unique ideas to personalize your wedding ceremony

If you’re wondering what makes a wedding truly unforgettable, the answer lies in personalization. How do you make your wedding ceremony stand out? How can you make it more engaging? You don’t want another run-of-the-mill wedding ceremony that would probably bore your guests in just a few hours. After all, it is your big day and only you can make it extra special. From confessional booths to welcome gift bags for guests, here are great ideas to add a little spark and creativity to your wedding:

Make your guests feel welcome

Give personalized welcome bags to your guests. Not only will your guests feel like VIPs, they will remember your warmth and hospitality for years.

Leave a personalized welcome note in each bag. Don’t go overboard with the gift items. Kids can get crayons and a coloring book, while adults can get a gift certificate to your favorite local coffee shop.

Keep the memories alive

Arrange for a rented photo booth. If you have time on your hands, make the photo booth yourself. Incorporate props to set the tone for your guests.

You can also rent a video booth where guests can leave messages for you. Ask your videographer to select and add the best clips into your wedding video.

Having a video and photo booth is a sure-fix way to add fun and excitement to your wedding, apart from capturing memories that your videographer or photographer might miss.

Get creative with the cake

When it comes to the wedding cake, don’t settle for a white, multi-tier wedding cake. Get creative with it. It’s a good idea to choose alternatives to the traditional cake.

Even if you prefer a traditional cake, add a personal touch to it to make it more meaningful.

Fun alternatives to first-dance confetti drop

The first dance is the highlight of a wedding. Instead of a confetti drop, have paper planes, glitter, or your favorite flower petals dropped. Also, arrange for the venue staff to be standing by to clean up.

Post it online

Finally, we live in the age of social media. Everyone is connected on the internet.

Make a social media page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for your wedding day. Ask a family member to send live updates. Get all your guests involved and share your big day on social media for those who couldn’t make it.

These are easy yet effective to personalize your wedding. For more such valuable information, check out some fantastic wedding ceremony ideas here.

Don’t Worry About the Cost and Go For It!

There are only a few days in a person’s life that they may have been planning since they were a young child. That is their wedding day. Some people have gone as far to pick colors, a dress, the type of cake and decided all the details of their wedding before they have even met the person they are going to spend the rest of their life with. So why skimp on the cost when this is the day, the moment, you have been wanting your whole life? The answer is, don’t. Now you probably don’t want to go for broke, but if you can or you have to figure out a way to pay for all of these things, go for it.

Anybody who has had a wedding or been a part of paying for one, can tell you that weddings can get extremely expensive rather quickly. Between a two or three-thousand-dollar wedding dress, thousands of dollars for flowers, decorations, food and drinks, and venues a wedding could easily be upwards of fifty thousand dollars. Hiring a wedding coordinator or at least speaking with one can help you organize better and find great deals. Otherwise the cost can mount without you even realizing it. If you decided to throw all the different parties in there like a rehearsal dinner, a bachelor and bachelorette party, gifts, and hair and makeup in the equation your wedding cost will continue to grow.

If you have been saving over the years, you and your partner have the money, and you can afford the wedding and venue you want without going into debt, do it! Have your wedding of a lifetime. Just remember to invest just as much into the marriage.

The dos and don’ts of wedding limo hire

There is no better way for you to arrive at your wedding ceremony than in a limo. Limousine personifies style, glamour and true luxury. It commands attention and is one of the most spectacular ways for a bride and groom to drive around town.

If you want to make a grand entrance and make a lasting impression on your wedding guests, a limo should most definitely be your go-to mode of transportation. And if you want to select a reliable wedding limo service provider, here are some essential rules to stick by:

DO book in advance

Most couples take wedding transportation booking for granted. It isn’t as easy as you might think. Limos get booked quickly, especially in the peak wedding season. The latest models get booked even sooner.

That’s why it’s critical to book a limo service plenty of months ahead of your big day. Most couples make a booking a year before their wedding day.  Try to book a classy limo at least 8 months prior to your wedding.

DO thorough research

Check out the latest limo models before making the final booking. You can read reviews online or ask your contacts to recommend the best models.

Do inspect the car in person

Pictures can be deceiving. If you want to invest your hard-earned money in a luxurious, elegant limo, check it out beforehand. This is an effective way to decide if the car has exactly what you’re looking for.

DO choose a high capacity limo

Go for a stretch limo if you have a bridal party. A high capacity limo saves money because you won’t have to hire multiple cars for everyone. Almost 10 people can comfortably fit in a stretch limo.

DON’T squeeze in the bridal dress

Can’t figure out the limo size you need? A simple method is to count the bride as two people. In this way, the bride will get two seats to adjust her dress. She can spread her skirt on the car seats without having to worry about it getting squashed.

Similarly, ask the limo rental company if the car comes with a fifth door so that the bride and bridesmaids can get in and out easily.

DON’T sacrifice quality for cost

Never compromise quality for a lower price. Some wedding limo companies charge higher prices. But, they might provide a better quality car with a more experienced driver.

Your wedding day car plays a pivotal role on the momentous occasion. Make sure it truly special by getting exactly what you wish for. We simplify your search for wedding transportation in CT. Check out the most popular wedding limo service providers in CT here.

A beginner’s guide to hiring a wedding caterer

Good food makes everything better, even weddings. Food is one of the most essential aspects of a wedding. It’s what makes a wedding stand out. That’s why it is pivotal to hire an expert in wedding catering.

Although some venues provide in-house catering, in other cases you will have to book a caterer yourself. How do you select a great wedding caterer? Someone who can prepare a menu that complements the overall theme of your wedding? In order to simplify the hiring process, here are a few questions to ask your caterer:

Do you have a license?

Is the wedding caterer insured? Do they have a license? Ask them to provide an up-to-date insurance certificate and license. A license indicates that the caterer business is operating legally, while insurance gives an assurance that you will not be liable to pay for damages if a guest injures himself or herself at your wedding. Also, remember to ask your caterer for liquor liability insurance in case they offer alcohol.

What is your specialty?

Make sure to ask the type of food the caterer specializes in. This will help you determine whether they can deliver what you want. Discuss your cuisine options with the caterer to find out.

When it comes to hiring a caterer, it’s a good idea to select a specialized one to obtain scrumptious food.

If you require them to make special meals to cater to different dietary needs, do let them know in advance. This includes vegetarian, kosher, halal, and gluten-free meals. They might charge you additional fee for it.

What’s your average price range?

Discuss pricing with the caterer. Analyze their packages. Check the entrée, appetizer, main course options. Most catering packages come with salad, appetizers, entrée and dessert, alongside coffee service. In some cases, you get the wedding cake (in place of dessert) and wine. Do let them know your budget and then figure out if their package is up to the mark.

Talk pricing in detail. Does the caterer want an initial security deposit? Do they expect gratuities? Above all, will they offer a refund in case of an emergency?

The general rule of thumb is to get estimates from as many caterers as possible. Then, compare packages to select the one that suits your budget.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

References are the best way to determine a caterer’s services. Ask for at least two references. Make sure you get references from a client who had a similar menu as yours.

Will there be a tasting before the wedding?

Don’t just depend on word-of-mouth and online reviews. Get to taste the food that will be presented on your big day. Ask the caterer when tastings will take place.

Will you provide the extras?

Check if the caterer will provide the extra items, such as wedding cake, silverware, napkins, tables, chairs, salt and peppershakers? What about alcohol and drinks? If they will serve alcohol, will you also get bartenders? Usually, wedding caterers charge additional fee for all extra items.

Where will you prepare the food? Who will take charge on the wedding day?

Will the caterer prepare food at the venue or will they need additional space? Keep in mind, they may charge you extra if they have to bring in equipment.

Additionally, who will oversee the event on the wedding day? Will it be the person you planned everything with? What would happen if they fall sick? Who will take charge then?

In the event of a crisis, the caterer needs to have a backup plan. Ask them how they handled crises in the past.

How will you arrange the food?

While taste is everything, presentation is just as imperative. What does the caterer have in mind in terms of food presentation at your wedding? Buffet or plated? Also, ask them about the set up details. How much time will it take to deliver equipment to the wedding venue and then set up? All this information is required to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Selecting a wedding caterer is indeed tricky. But, with the availability of relevant, accurate online information, you can get it right. At Wedding Steps, we are your one-stop online source for an array of wedding vendors in CT, including wedding caterers. Browse through our extensive list of CT’s most reputable wedding vendors here. We also provide unique wedding ceremony ideas to make your event an unforgettable one!

Alternatives for the Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is the center piece to a woman’s look when she walks down the aisle. It’s the accent piece that draws in the eyes to the bride. Wedding bouquets can vary in size in style. Most are floral designs which some chose only a few flowers to hold, while others choose a large bouquet with many different colors and flowers. Some people even get bouquets for their bridesmaids to hold. These wedding bouquets can get quite expensive. Between the type of flower and the size of the bouquet you could spend upwards of five to six hundred dollars, but there are ways alternatives to a floral bouquet that will bring down the cost and look just as beautiful.

One option is to only carry a single stem, instead of a bouquet. If you are using flowers in your décor, you can use of the same flowers you already paid for, or you can get one that is one of the accent colors. Something else you can do is to create your own wedding bouquet. You can buy the type of flowers and ribbon you like and you or one of your bridesmaids can arrange and decorate the flowers as you desire. By doing this you will say cost on the actual flower and the labor for your florist. Another option is to buy silk flowers. You can get these at your local design store, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking apart when it is time to throw the bouquet.

You want your wedding to be as beautiful as possible. Just know you don’t have to break the bank to have the look you want.

Best Types of Stay-Cation Honeymoons

Besides the union of two people who love each other, one of the highlights of getting married, is the vacation you get to take to decompress from the preparation of the wedding. Some people go as a tradition to consummate their marriage. Whatever the reason for the vacation, the final part of the wedding process is the honeymoon. This is the first vacation the couple will take together as husband and wife.

But not everybody can afford a honeymoon. Many couples don’t have the money, or the time to take a honeymoon, especially after paying for the wedding ceremony. But did you know there are awesome stay-cation honeymoons that you can do? A wedding planner can help plan a stay-cation – which is a vacation, but you don’t vacate. You stay in your local area and do something fun or relaxing, or whatever you would normally do on vacation. So a stay-cation honeymoon involves the romance you would have on a destination honeymoon, but just in your local area.

One great stay-cation honeymoon idea is checking into a local Bed and Breakfast. There are quaint lovely B&B’s everywhere. By checking into a B&B you can get lost in the atmosphere and feel like you are in the country. Another stay-cation involves checking into a luxurious hotel suite on the other side of town with room service and everything, again which a wedding planner can coordinate for you. This will help you feel like you are on a true vacation and the further away from your house the better. If you are looking for excitement, plan a day of fun things you and your love have never done in your city, just the two of you.

A stay-cation honeymoon can be whatever you want. It just allows you to spend the first couple of days together alone as a married couple. They can be fun and exciting, but mostly it is about your love and the time together.

Flats Are Okay!

In today’s world of weddings, you can have whatever kind of wedding ceremony you like. There are no boundaries to your theme and look, no matter how unconventional.  You can have a winter wedding in the summer, you can represent your favorite sports team, men and women can wear their tennis shoes, and ladies can where flats. That’s right ladies. You, and your bridesmaids – if you want, can wear flats for your wedding.

The idea of wearing flats may not play as crucial a part in your wedding ceremony as the theme, but it is a notable difference. Shoes are a big part of the wedding ensemble. Just ask any bride or bridesmaid that has looked for shoes, for a wedding. Finding the right pair of shoes is almost as difficult as finding the right dress. While high heels are the common option for brides to wear on their wedding day, many have chosen to wear flats instead. Between the wedding ceremony and the reception, wearing your high heels can really do a number on your feet. So instead of fighting the pain for aesthetic purposes, woman are realizing they can look just as good walking down the aisle, at the altar, and taking pictures as they can in high heels.

For some women, high heels are essential and they wouldn’t think about changing that for the world; that is completely understandable. They do look good. But if you are considering wearing flats for your wedding ceremony it is okay, and it will not compromise your look. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and if you think wearing flats will help you enjoy your day, go for it!