Month: March 2016

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding

Of course there’s a lot for you to plan, and maybe hiring a DJ for your wedding reception is not as important a priority as a high quality photographer, or a designer dress, or the best cake artist in town; but it is surely one of the few things that will keep your guests happy and entertained. Want reasons to hire a professional DJ for your wedding? Check these out:

The Experience

Professionals have experience of operating in the industry. They are familiar with their equipment, know how to engage the crowd and solve unforeseen problems that might arise amid the chaos. They have the tact and technique to run the show, and make sure everyone has a good time without any worry.

Pleasant Memories

Like every other thing about your wedding, good music becomes a part of your memories to cherish over time. Hiring a DJ allows you to properly enjoy your wedding festivities. Imagine not having to cue and re-cue the MP3 player to make sure the music doesn’t stop, not having to listen songs you don’t like, or worrying about whether your baby cousin will remember the specific playlist instructions you gave them or not. Just sit back, dance, and enjoy your day!

The Reliability

You put your friend in charge of acting DJ for your wedding. However, they fall ill at the last minute; or there is an equipment failure – what do you do then? Hiring a professional DJ ensures that you have your event’s music covered. Professionals have backup equipment, and replacement personnel who can take over the job and make sure your party goes on.

The Equipment

Unlike other music arrangements, hiring a DJ will rid you off the hassle of arranging sound system and equipment. They will carry their own specialized equipment that will fill the hall with music frenzy. You can trust the equipment to not blare, or distort sound that becomes unpleasant to deal with.

The Professionalism

You obviously have your own preferences – not just in music. There’s a theme to the wedding and it’s black-tie; you can trust a professional DJ to dress appropriately. You have kids at the wedding and you can’t have songs that use explicit terms – the DJ will adhere to your requests. Professional DJs know the etiquette. They will reach on time and be set up before the party starts.

The Variety

Your favorites, the latest hits, mash-ups, classics – a professional DJ will have access to every type of music you can think of. So if you have heard it on the radio or watched it on television, you can count on the DJ to play it at your wedding. You can even provide them with a list of songs you’d like to play, and they’ll get it for you.

Let’s face it; you do not want your guests praying for your event to end so they can head home. Good music can bring your party to life, so don’t miss out on the chance to entertain everyone present at your wedding.

At Wedding Steps you have the chance to hire a professional wedding DJ and other wedding vendors for your Connecticut wedding. We’ve got some of the finest – choose the one who fits your budget!


Go Vintage!

When thinking of wedding ceremony ideas, going vintage is not just a theme of your wedding, or a style of clothing you, the groom, and the wedding party will wear. Going vintage is the idea of doing things on possibly a smaller budget, but mostly a closer sense of community and love with the people who are sharing your special day.

It used to be fairly popular to get married at home or at a loved one’s house, and the house didn’t have to be a mansion or a large estate. The older women helping the younger lady get ready, reminiscing, and laughing about their marriages. The backyard decorated and home cooked food in the dining room, and everybody enjoying each other’s company, hopefully. Just there alone you have saved money on a venue, a caterer, and a decorator. One great consideration to go along with a vintage theme is to hire a wedding limo service. Nothing shouts vintage, like a limo arriving at the venue.

Then there is the dress. When you go vintage for a dress you allow yourself many different options because “vintage” can be any time between the 1920’s to the 80’s. That is 60 years worth of fashion. Also your dress doesn’t have to look like the typical wedding dress. It can be a flapper style dress with a feather head piece, or a bohemian 60’s dress with a short veil adorned with lilies. There is a plethora of wedding ceremony ideas, and you can be so creative with your look when deciding on what to wear for your wedding. The groom can get pretty creative with his look as well.

When you decide to go vintage, you can go all out and dive deep into theme, or you can keep it simple and very true to the term. Either way, it will be a day you will remember forever.

5 Tips to Make the Most of a Bridal Fair

You have long basked in the euphoria of your recent engagement; but as the excitement begins to fade, it is replaced by the panic. You’ve got a wedding to plan and you have no clue how to go about it! For years, bridal fairs have provided a convenient way for brides-to-be to learn about the countless options for planning a wedding. To make the most of a bridal show, keep these tips in mind.

Know What Bridal Shows Are About

If you wish to take good advantage of a bridal show, it is important to know what it has to offer, and how can it benefit you. A bridal fair is a unique exhibition, where vendors from the wedding industry display their creativity, craft, products, or services for soon-to-be brides. The fair is usually dictated by latest trends in fashion, décor, wedding food that allows brides to pick the best. If done right, a bridal show can give you a complete preview of what your wedding could be like.

Be Smart, Don’t Exhaust Yourself

There will be multiple shows happening in and around your location – you do not have to attend them all. Limit yourself to the three most talked about. It is always suggested that you attend the bridal fairs in the area you plan to hold your wedding in. That way, you will have access to the local vendors you need to approach when the wedding draws near.

Be Prepared   

Bridal shows offer you a fantastic opportunity to explore your options and meet your favorite vendors up close and personal. In order to capitalize on this opportunity you need to be prepared. Wear comfortable shoes (there’ll be a lot of walking around) and clothes. Draw up a checklist of the services you require to streamline your efforts. Come up with standard questions that you may need to ask vendors about their services. Keep some cash and your checkbook with you. Carry a bag or folder to hold the numerous brochures you’ll be collecting and ask a friend to accompany you.

Get To Work

You will be coming across a host of different vendors; therefore it is important to keep track. Carry a notebook along. Take notes, ask for visiting cards, write down your opinions, take pictures, and samples. Also, bear in mind that you may not get along with all vendors. Be polite, and reach out to ones who are more interested in your vision of a perfect wedding. This is the time to shortlist vendors, get contacts, schedule appointments, and avail discounts too!

Know When to Exit

All the whimsical wedding details, delicious cakes, and gorgeous photographs of smooching couples will ultimately begin pestering you. When that happens – it’s time to leave. You are most likely exhausted, and continuing any further will do you no good. It is hence, better to leave the fair, head home, and get started on the next level of planning.

So ladies gear up, because Connecticut is about to be blown away by a series of bridal shows planned all the way till November. View the Wedding Steps schedules for and buy bridal show tickets online. For more details on the subject, feel free to contact us.

When You Can Save on Your Wedding

Everybody who has ever had a wedding, or been in one, knows that the expenses can be astronomical. When planning a wedding, ‘high’ just didn’t seem to quite capture the true costliness of a wedding and all that comes with it.  But there are ways and places in the budget where money can be saved.  You can still have your dream wedding without the nightmare of a compounding price tag. One of the best ways to cut costs is by hiring an online wedding planner.

The first and most ideal thing you can do to save money when planning a wedding, is to have a small wedding. The more people you have coming, means the bigger the venue, more food and drinks, more invitations, more decorations, and so forth. If you can downsize the whole event, including your wedding party, you may be able to save a lot of money based on sheer size.

Another place you can save money when planning a wedding is with the cake. Some brides spend thousands of dollars for their cake, and that is not including the groom’s cake, but you don’t have to do that. You can get a very nice cake from a grocery store bakery and add the flowers and design yourself. You can get beautifully designed cupcakes for a fraction of the price of a cake.

Remember, when planning a wedding, there are so many tips you can follow, and minor things you can do to cut down the cost of your wedding. You don’t have to go in debt behind your dream wedding. Saving a little bit here and there can really add up fast. You may even save enough for a romantic stay-cation honeymoon.

All About Destination Weddings

Gorgeous Destination Weddings

Wedding themes have changed quite a bit but have you ever heard of a destination wedding? More so as the times progress, they are becoming more popular but some people are not exactly sure what they are and what they entail. A destination wedding is a wedding that is planned about 200 miles away from where you live. Like say you live in Virginia, but your wedding is going to take place in the Florida Keys. Everyone will gather there for a few days or week, and that’s where the event will take place! This will include a lot of travel, hotel group packages, Internet planning and an agenda for everyone to follow for their stay. You may even want to consider an online wedding planner to help get everything together.

A Few Things to Consider

Some things that you are going to want to consider if you are planning a wedding, a destination wedding specifically, is what amenities are actually going to be included for the event. If you are going to be staying at a resort with your friends and loved ones, what are the associated costs, what is going to be covered and are there any events included? Additionally, you are going to want to consider how busy the area will be (if it is a touristy area) and the weather! While we cannot always rely on weather predictions, having a good idea of what to expect may very well adjust your plans slightly.

Depending on the size of the wedding being planned, price range will vary – the average costs for a destination wedding is around 22,000 US dollars. Of course if the event is going to be larger, you can expect costs to accrue and if it is more intimate, the costs may lower. Start planning your destination wedding today, perhaps you will go to New Zealand and go bungee jumping or Colorado and enjoy the mountains!


What to Consider for the Wedding Reception Venue

Breathtaking Venue

A wedding day is one of the most special days in a couple’s life together. There are millions, at least that’s what it feels like, of things to consider when planning a wedding, and do before the day arrives. One of the most important decisions to make is the wedding reception venue. What is the style and feel, will it be at the same place as the wedding or will people have to travel to another venue, is there plenty of parking, and the list goes on. Here are just a few basic, but important, things to consider when selecting your wedding reception venue.

Time of Day

What your venue looks like during the day may not be what it looks like in the evening, and vice versa. The time of day of the reception can make a difference in the ambiance of your venue.  Don’t be afraid to check out the venue at the time your reception will be held. See what the venue is like during that time of day, and make sure it matches the ambiance you are envisioning.

Number of People

With wedding reception ideas, is your reception going to be hundreds of people or just 20 of your closest family and friends? Are children invited to the reception, or is it adults only? These are the questions you must ask in determining how large or small the venue should be.  Once you know the approximate head count, this will help you to decide the best space for your reception.


An integrated part of the style and feel of the reception is the type of service you want. Do you want buffet style with a cash bar, or service with a wait staff and an open bar? What the venue actually can do and offer is important to know before making your decision.  Also keep in mind all of these choices are attached to a price tag and that may also steer you in a certain direction as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on planning your special day. You can go through our site and get more information on what you will need to make this day come to fruition just like you imagined.

Maybe I Should Consider a Second-Hand Dress?

Second-Hand Beauty

When it comes to your special day, you honestly want everything to run smoothly and perfectly but there are so many steps to making sure that happens. One of the biggest factors that makes or breaks a wedding is – the dress. Do you want to purchase a brand new one and create your own memories or have you considered a second hand dress? A second hand dress can either be a dress that has been passed down through the family as part of a tradition or it can simply be a dress that was used and worn in another wedding – from either a friend or a shop. Second hand, doesn’t be anything other than it was worn before and is not brand new. While some people may not be okay with the idea, there is nothing wrong with wanting to do so.

Where to Find One

There are many bridal expos and bridal boutiques that have tons of beautiful, name brand, dresses that have been given to the shop for other women to enjoy. Let’s face it – nine times out of ten, if you do not have plans for your wedding dress after the big event – you will find it in your closet, years later taking up space! Why not allow someone close to you or another woman get to enjoy her special day in the gown? You may even find some amazing vintage dresses in a second hand shop that you wouldn’t have originally considered.

Many people get wrapped up in what society’s image has been of what the wedding look and feel should be – this is your special day…do as you please and don’t ever hesitate to look through a second hand shop or speak to family members about their older dresses.