Month: January 2015

Do you have a fascination for destination wedding?

Many couples have a fascination for destination weddings. A wedding far away from home seems hugely appealing to many couples due to the following reasons:

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  • Some couples always have the secret desire to have their wedding ceremony in a beautiful and idyllic vacation spot. A destination wedding promises exotic locales and a beautiful ambiance.
  • Some couples have families who are scattered all around the world. So, they plan to choose a spot which would be suitable for everyone. Thus, they plan a destination wedding.
  • Some couples are not too fond of traditional hotels and big reception halls as most of the weddings are scheduled there. They prefer something unique and beautiful. Thus, destination wedding seems to be the perfect option for them.
  • Some couples do not like to invite too many guests and want to keep the marriage ceremony a private affair. For such couples, destination weddings are the perfect choice.

However, there are some important things that must be considered when you are planning a destination wedding. Although a destination wedding sounds extremely romantic, it needs to be planned out well or else it would be a disaster. Here are few things that you must keep in mind:

  • You must start your planning as early as possible. You need to investigate properly about the location that you have chosen for your wedding especially the means to reach there. Also in the case of destination wedding, you need to invite your guests much earlier.
  • It is also very essential to stick to your budget when you are planning a destination wedding. You must keep an upper limit which you should not cross by any means. You can do the bookings online as that would save some amount of your money.
  • You must also communicate with your guests properly. You should talk to your guests about the itinerary of the event, what they should pack etc.

It is very important to give special care and warmth to your guests in a destination wedding. Your guests are travelling a long distance to be present on your big day and so they deserve some special care. Here are some of the ways through which you can make your guests feel special:

  • You can keep a welcome basket for every guest. It can contain things like a map, a list of attractions, snacks, spa vouchers etc.
  • Schedule some fun activities if the place you chose for your wedding is great for kayaking or hiking.

There are plenty of destinations where you can have your big day. Make sure the planning is right and you will be able to enjoy a lot.

How can you smartly curb down your wedding cost?

Wedding is the most important day of your life and you would never want to compromise on your wedding preparations. However, if you are a little creative, then you can smartly curb down your wedding cost to some degree. Here are some of the ideas that can help you curb down your wedding cost.

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A good wedding coordinator can save both your money and time: Though it may seem that wedding coordinators would cost you much, but actually they can save a portion of your money in the long run. A wedding coordinator can arrange huge amount of discounts from the vendors and there lies the profit in hiring them.

 You can take a weekend course in wedding planning: If you want to do your wedding planning all by yourself, then you can take a weekend course. It would give you plenty of information and build up your confidence.

 Choose the perfect flowers: Flowers do not cost much but arranging them in a fancy way costs a lot. You can easily save money here by choosing beautiful bridal flowers. You can choose non floral table centerpieces for your reception. Investing on floral centerpieces is wastage of money. However, you must invest on the flowers in the bouquet that would be carried by the bride and the bridesmaids.

 You can avoid the custom printed invitations: Instead of expensive custom printed invitations, you can use a software to make the invitation cards yourself. Your guests won’t mind if you cannot give them custom printed invitations. So, here you can save some amount of money.

 You can hire an aspiring singer: If your dream has been to hear a singer or a rock band at your wedding or if your partner loves music, then you can hire an aspiring singer who sings really well. In this way, you would be able to save your money as rock bands charge a lot and simultaneously, your wedding day would be musical. However, instead of going by someone’s words, make sure to hear the musician before hiring him or her.

 Have some local knowledge and use it to your benefit: Explore the local shops and you would soon find the shops where you can bargain without hesitation. With the help of your local knowledge, you can get your wedding outfit, wedding cake, flowers and other stuff in reasonable price.

 These are some ways through which you can curb down your wedding cost to some extent. There are plenty of hidden costs associated with a wedding and it would be great if you can cut few of them.

What Makes a Wedding “Traditional”?

What makes a wedding traditional can vary by country to country because every culture has their own beliefs and customs. A trend in recent years has been bringing weddings back to their roots and larger Western weddings are becoming popular. So what are some popular traditional wedding items that we still see today?

The Rings

Having originated in Europe, wedding rings are a sign of unity. Originally only worn by the wife, the 20th century saw a change in direction when both men and women began to wear rings symbolizing their marriage. Traditionally, the rings are made of gold or another precious metal and a popular stone is a diamond, but this is not always the case. While most stick to the traditional diamond ring, some couples have begun to use other precious stones such as rubies or emeralds and sometimes include their birth stone. Ultimately, it’s all up to the preference of the couple.

The Cake

At most weddings, a large one to three tiered white cake will be on display, traditionally adorned with small silver balls or realistic flowers made from icing. In Western weddings, the cake is usually served to guests at a reception following a ceremony; in parts of England the cake is served with breakfast the morning after the wedding.


The Vows

A bride and grooms vows to one another is a traditional part to many different cultural weddings. While some couples choose to stick only to what the wedding officiant guides them to (for some weddings it is the “in sickness and in health” vows) and other couples choose to write their own that they read to one another before proceeding with the rest of the ceremony. Regardless of how you do it, vows are one of the most important parts of a traditional wedding.

Bride’s Wedding Attire

An elegant white wedding dress has been popular for centuries, having been started by Queen Victoria in 1840 in the Western world (white had been the choice of color for Japanese brides for years before). Before then, brides wore their best dresses, but veils have been an important part of brides fashion for much longer. Ancient Romans believed that the veil protected the bride from evil spirits and they are found in many different styles today.

The Reception

Though how the reception is performed, the act of gathering for food and drinks after a wedding ceremony has been a wedding tradition for a very long time. The reception usually includes speeches, a bride and grooms first dance and of course, the cutting of an elegantly designed wedding cake.

Kick-start your Wedding with Crowdfunding

You’ve probably heard about “crowd funding,” the practice of raising money for a
project or venture via the Internet. Websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo,
Crowdrise, and Gofundme allow people to fundraise for worthy causes, charities,
start-up business ventures, the arts, medical treatment, and other enterprises by
tapping into networks of friends, associates, and total strangers who participate
in what is now a $5 billion global industry.
But did you know that some of these sites will let you raise money for any
purpose at all, including funding your wedding?
Do a little online research, pick a crowdfunding site, and formulate a strategy to
invite your Facebook, LinkedIn, and email friends (contacts) to help you celebrate
your big day by sponsoring the event. It usually begins with a video invitation by
the intended bride and groom, announcing their plan, with a request that invitees
help foot the bill. Think of it as a clever twist on the traditional gift registry but
instead of receiving gifts sliver and crystal from your selected pattern, your
friends and family are coaxed into contributing money to pay for the big shebang.
You don’t even have to pick a date or a venue– just an approximate point in the
future and a rough idea of a concept for the nuptials and reception, and the event
can then be planned according to the amount of cash you can generate. Asking
your guests for suggestions can also be a good motivator for them to pitch in with
a donation.
Be creative, think outlandish, and have fun with a wedding project that will attract
participation by the very people you plan to party with.