Month: December 2013

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important things you have to consider when planning your wedding is the venue that you would like to spend it in. For some individuals, this serves as the first decision you have to make so that everything else can easily follow. However, you will need to be careful when choosing your venue so that it turns into the one you really want. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a venue:

What is your theme?

When you are choosing your venue, make sure that you consider the theme of your wedding. Traditional weddings are held in hotels or country houses. On the other hand, if you opt for a rustic theme wedding, you will have to go for a farmhouse or somewhere there’s a lot of wood. Think about your theme carefully.

What is included in the venue?

If you opt for a hotel venue, they usually come with packages that cater to all your needs for your wedding—food, decorations, and music. But if you want to include your own vendors, you will have to check this with your chosen venue. Also, make sure that the venue has staff that can accommodate your requests during your big day.

Remember that when you’re on the lookout for a wedding venue, you need to check out your options before you commit to one. This way, you can make a wise decision and compare the different options that you have shortlisted.

If you need some help finding a suitable venue for your wedding day, feel free to go through our featured vendors. You may also visit our upcoming show so you can meet some people that can help with your big day!

“Twas the Night Before New Years”

‘Twas the night before New Years
And all through the house,
The girlfriend was angry
She wasn’t a spouse!

She hoped for the joy
That Christmas would bring.
But Christmas had passed,
And she still had no ring!

They’d been together
For over two years.
Long-term commitment-
That must be his fear.

She thought, “That’s the reason
That I’m still single.
I’m breaking it off!
Then the phone gave a jingle.

“Come outside,” said the voice,
And then went away.
She opened the door,
And there was a sleigh!

He whisked her away,
Grinned like a fox
Got down on one knee
And opened the box.

T’was the first day of New Year
Her eyes opened wide.
“Yesterday, I’m a girlfriend.
Today, I’m a bride!”

She started to panic
“There’s so much to do!
To plan a whole wedding.
before I can say I do?”

Then she remembered
the bridal show ad
and suddenly she
Felt tremendously glad!

Her eyes, how they twinkled!
Her smile seemed to glow!
“I Can plan everything
At the Wedding Steps Bridal Show!

Reception hall! Caterer!
Florist and tux!
Save money, save time,
And no acid reflux!

With Planners and designers,
Rentals and more
Door prizes, honeymoons
And gifts galore

Plus with a whole
18 hours to shop
We’ll save tons of money
and shop till we drop!

Limo! DJ!
Photographer & Gown!
I won’t have to be running
all over town!

So she called her attendants
To the show they all flew.
Ate catering samples
And wedding cake, too!

And I heard her exclaim
Holding prizes she won,
“I found all that I need
Now my planning is done!”

Tips to Help You Relax Before Your Wedding Day

Weddings can be a very stressful time for the bride. This is because you want to make sure that everything is all set before the big day comes. As such, you will have to check with everything and everyone that you have hired for the event to be perfect.

But before the big day comes, you have to remember to relax so you can take some of that stress off. Here are some tips on how you can relax before your wedding day:

  • Get a Warm Bath – If you have access to a tub, it can be a fast way to relax sore muscles. You can also use a bath salt that will help moisturize your skin and give you a soothing scent afterwards.
  • Do Yoga – Yoga has been known to relax people because of its meditating session. This is a great way for you to do some exercise and stretch your stress away!
  • Drink Plenty of Water – You will need to drink more water so that you can keep yourself hydrated. Instead of drinking energy drinks, soda, or coffee, you should opt for water to keep you rehydrated.
  • Have a Massage – Getting a massage is always a great way you can relieve tension. Fortunately, there are now a number of massage spas where you can spend a relaxing afternoon just before your wedding day comes.

If you’re looking for a spa where you can get a massage, you may want to check out our featured vendor: A New Beginning Spa to help you relax before your big day. Another option is to visit our upcoming show for an easy way you can get all your wedding suppliers in one venue.

Getting the Most Out of a Bridal Show


Are you planning to attend an upcoming bridal show so you can get help for your big day? If you are, then it’s really important that you get the most out of the occasion. Since there will be different wedding professionals and suppliers that will attend the event, you will need to meet as many or them as possible. This way, you can get the help you need in planning your wedding day. Here are some tips on how to make your bridal show experience a positive one:

Register Early. Before the bridal expo starts, you will need to register early so you can save a slot. At the same time, there are some discounts and promos that are limited to those who register early.

Do Your Research. As early as possible, the organizer of the event will be showcasing the vendors that will be taking part in the show. This is why you should research each wedding vendor to see if they fit what you are looking for. Once you have done this, you will be able to analyze which participant you can concentrate on in the event.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions. When you have done your research, you will also have come up with questions to ask the supplier. Make sure you list down these questions and ask them during the event.

Open Your Mind. While you may already have an ideal wedding in mind, you will need to listen to the suggestion of the vendor you are speaking with. Remember, he has been in business so he knows what he is talking about.

Remember that bridal shows can get very big. There are even some that reach up to 400 vendor participants. Try your best to interact with as many as possible so you can have a lot of options for your wedding vendors.

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Things You Need to Know about Your Wedding Gift Registry

One of the exciting things about weddings is receiving presents from friends and loved ones. This is particularly true if you have created a wedding gift registry with your fiancé. Whoever invented gift registries is a genius! It makes gift buying a real convenient task for the guests and the couple.

If this is something you have not yet picked out, it’s best that you invite your fiancé to go create your registry as soon as possible.  Here are some tips that can help make the task memorable:

Do It Together – When picking out gifts that you would like listed on your registry, you have to select them together. The simple reason for this is because the gift will be for both of you. It should be something that the two of you will need for your new home together.

What to Choose – When you’re creating a gift registry, it can be so easy for you to get distracted and choose just about anything you see in the store. However, it is best that you choose the items that will turn your house into a home. For example, you can choose appliances, electronics, linen, and even some small furniture.

What to Avoid – Do you really need that second set of Salt & Pepper holders? Remember that when you’re picking out gifts for your registry, you will need to choose the ones that you will use and can help make your home more functional.

Return Policy – Be sure to check the return policy of the store so you know what to do with some gifts that you accidentally selected. But usually, stores do not allow returns because you chose the items on the registry. This is why you have to be careful when you’re choosing items to list down.

Choosing gifts for your wedding registry can be a very fun activity for you and your fiancé. Check out our upcoming schedules for bridal shows, you might find something that can help you with your wedding.