Month: July 2013

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Candlewood Inn

If you come to our next show, you’ll get a chance to check out one of Connecticut’s best wedding venues. The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield is a beautiful choice for your big day, and the location of our next bridal show.

The Candlewood is a perfect choice for big weddings, with a capacity of up to 300. Their wedding package can make your wedding planning very easy – the Candlewood can take care of everything from the escort cards and centerpieces to the meal and wedding cake.

Of course, the real selling point for a wedding at the Candlewood Inn is the stunning location. With a special spot on Candlewood Lake, you get the beauty of a waterfront venue. You can choose to have your ceremony on the shoreline or in the contemporary elegance of the banquet hall.

To really understand the beauty of the Candlewood Inn, you’ll have to visit, though! To make the most of your visit, come to our next show, which will be held at the Candlewood Inn on August 20th. You’ll get a chance to meet some of Connecticut’s best vendors and can meet the casting producers of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress! To find out more about upcoming shows and to purchase tickets, click here!

Don’t Forget the Wedding Day Details

Wedding day details can help transform your venue, and can make your guests even more impressed with what you’ve planned. Making sure all the little things are covered makes a big difference to the overall experience. Here are a few details that you shouldn’t forget.

  • Cake table: You’ve chosen the perfect cake, but will it just be placed on a boring table? Decorating the cake table, and having a gorgeous cake knife on display, will turn it into the centerpiece it deserves to be.
  • Escort cards: You can just have a basic diagram for where people sit, but there’s something extra special about escort cards that fit with your décor. They can also be combined with your wedding favors for a creative twist.
  • Hidden décor: When you set up your venue, don’t forget the bathrooms and bar! These are two areas your guests will be visiting, so tie them into your wedding with bouquets of flowers and other matched décor.

Whatever style wedding you’re planning, paying attention to the details can make your day even better. To give yourself time to work out the details, make the rest of your Connecticut wedding planning smoother by coming to our next show!

How to Be a Wedding Guest When You’re Planning Your Own Wedding

Whether you’re having a short engagement or a long engagement, it’s almost certain you’ll have another wedding to attend while you’re planning your own nuptials. Attending a wedding as a bride-to-be can be difficult. Here are a few ways to enjoy the day and make your day perfect.

  • Try not to compare too much. You won’t be able to resist making some comparisons, but look at differences as good things. Don’t judge by the standards of your wedding.
  • Use it to remember what it’s like to be a wedding guest. As you get wrapped up in planning, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to attend a wedding. What parts drag? What did you love? Use this knowledge for your own wedding.
  • Get excited, but keep it under control. Enjoy the wedding, and let yourself be excited about your upcoming wedding. Get wrapped up in the joy of the wedding, but remember that it isn’t your big day. Keep the focus on the happy couple, and celebrate with them!

If you’re planning your own Connecticut wedding, you’ll need excellent vendors. One great way to plan your wedding and have a great day out is to attend a Wedding Steps bridal show. To find out more about upcoming shows, click here!

Planning a Fourth of July Themed Wedding

If this week has left you inspired, you aren’t alone! The Fourth of July is a great summer holiday, and one that is the perfect inspiration for a fun and fabulous wedding.

You and your guests will love an Independence Day themed wedding, and when you work with great Connecticut wedding vendors, it’s easy to plan.

Think about the elements that most say “Fourth of July” to you and work those into your wedding celebration. From a red, white, and blue color palette to fireworks, from barbecue menus to outdoor fun, any Fourth of July party elements can be worked into your big day.

However, make sure you keep the focus on your wedding! It’s easy to let a holiday themed wedding veer too much to the holiday and lose sight of the wedding aspects of the day. A wedding planner and your vendors can help you keep on the right side of things, though.

If you’re still looking for Connecticut wedding vendors, why not come to our next show? You’ll have a great time and can meet and book all the vendors you’ll need for your big day!