Month: June 2013

How Early Should You Begin Planning?

The average engagement lasts around a year, so that would mean that wedding planning also lasts around a year, right? Think again. According to recent surveys, many women are starting their wedding planning long before the proposal.

A survey of British single women showed that over half began planning without being engaged, and some admitted that their early planning had scared off previous boyfriends. Eleven percent had chosen their wedding dress, and a third of those had made the purchase.

It makes sense that wedding planning is starting earlier, though. With so many great wedding websites to give inspiration, it’s easy to come up with plenty of firm ideas about what you do or don’t want for your wedding day.

When it comes to planning your Connecticut wedding, though, there will be some big parts that can’t be done until after you’ve said yes and chosen a date. For all of these elements, and more, attending a Wedding Steps bridal expo is a great way to make your planning easy and fun. Find out about our upcoming shows here.

3 Things to Remember In Your Wedding Planning

As you get into your wedding planning, your mind will be pulled all over the place. You’ll consider the details of things you never thought you’d be interested in. But throughout the planning process, it can be a huge help to keep three key things in mind.

  1. Your budget. Your wedding budget needs to be kept in mind for every other decision. Before you choose a vendor, or even start meeting with vendors, know your budget and have an idea of what it will realistically get you.
  2. Your style. This will also help you find the right vendors for you, and keep you focused on the type of wedding you want to have. Whether it’s DIY, vintage, modern, or traditional, knowing the style you want can help you plan and decide on everything else.
  3. Your priorities. Is the ceremony more important than the reception, or vice versa? Is having a fabulous photo album at the end more important than serving a fancy meal, or vice versa? Knowing your priorities will help you know what not to worry about.

Whatever your budget, style, and priorities, you’ll need to work with excellent Connecticut wedding vendors to pull it all together. To meet great vendors and have a fun day, come to our next Wedding Steps Bridal Show!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Party Pyro

One thing that is certain to make your event go off with a bang is the addition of fireworks. They are a great addition to your wedding and can make a good event truly great.

If you’re planning a Connecticut wedding and want to work fireworks into your big day, get in touch with Party Pyro. They offer a wide variety of pyrotechnics that will make your wedding fantastic.

They do more than just the big fireworks displays you might initially think of, too. They also offer a range of indoor pyrotechnics that can bring extra sparkle to your venue in a safe way. These include cake sparklers and dance floor sparklers.

For outdoor pyrotechnics, you can have traditional fireworks or use the delicate beauty of sky lanterns. These can be used as part of your ceremony or as a fabulous way to finish off your reception.

To find out more about what this Brookfield-based company offers, get in touch with them through our vendor directory or via their website. You can also meet plenty of great Connecticut wedding vendors at all of our upcoming bridal expos.

Planning a Black Tie Wedding

With so much focus on DIY, vintage, and rustic weddings, you might be at a bit of a loss if you want a formal, black tie wedding. Working with excellent wedding vendors can easily turn your black tie dream into a reality, though.

A black tie wedding brings together all the best formal, traditional aspects that we think of with weddings. Your guests will be ready for an elegant event, and it’s something that they might not get to experience very often.

To achieve the perfect black tie wedding, explain to your vendors from the start that you want to keep things very formal. This will help everyone from your venue to your caterer tailor their services to your particular dream wedding.

Of course, working with great vendors starts with finding them. When you come to a Wedding Steps bridal show, you’ll be able to meet some of Connecticut’s best wedding vendors all in one place! Click here to find out more about our upcoming shows!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Justice of the Peace Mary Pugh

No wedding is complete without an officiant. In fact, it simply can’t happen without one! If you’re planning a wedding, particularly if you aren’t planning a religious ceremony, finding the right officiant can be a challenge.

You’ll want somebody you and your fiance feel comfortable with, and who will perform a ceremony that fits your needs. This is why Mary Pugh, a Justice of the Peace based in Norwalk, is so great. She has worked with many couples to craft the ceremony that is perfect for their day.

She is also able to perform ceremonies in English, Spanish, and French, and offers 24/7 availability. This means that if you have a specific day of the week or time of day in mind for your dream wedding, she won’t be out of hours or charge you an extra fee.

You can find out more about Mary Pugh’s services, and read plenty of testimonials, on her website. You can also get in touch with her through our vendor directory, where you can find all the other vendors you’ll need for your Connecticut wedding.

Of course, you can also meet many vendors — and attend the Say Yes to the Dress casting call — at our next show!