Month: March 2013

Did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Have a Secret Wedding?

According to the actress, the answer to the latest rumor about the couple is a firm no.

When Angelina Jolie went to the Democratic Republic of Congo on a humanitarian trip, she was spotted wearing a gold band rather than her diamond engagement ring. As soon as it was spotted, the rumors started flying that she and fiance Brad Pitt had managed to pull off a super-secret wedding.

However, upon her return to Los Angeles, she answered a question from a TMZ cameraman about the ring’s meaning. She said it was not a wedding band.

While Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, is set to get married this spring, it’s expected that Brangelina won’t be far behind. The current best guess is that they’re planning something for May, possibly at the home they own in the South of France.

With so much to put together for a wedding, Brad and Angelina might be busy the next few months. If you’re planning your Connecticut wedding, coming to a Wedding Steps bridal expo can make planning easy and fun!

Spring 2013 Wedding Trends

Spring is here, and so are spring weddings! There are plenty of trends for every season, but here are a couple of the bigger ones we’re expecting to see over the coming months.

Ombre Color Trend

Bird themes are going to be popular, and will show up in a variety of ways. Bird shapes are great for decor and invitation, and bride and groom birds are big as cake toppers.

As part of this trend, there will also be plenty of bird-related elements, including cages, nests, eggs, and feathers. Ornate and vintage birdcages are being used for flowers, lighting, and for cards.

Ombre color schemes have been big in fashion, and they’re really making the move to weddings this year. The ombre dip-dye look is especially effective with floral arrangements, and can be a beautiful way to decorate a tall tiered cake.

What do you think of these trends? Are you using them in your wedding? To find out more about what’s big for upcoming weddings, and how to use them on your big day, come to one of our great bridal shows!

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Dance to the Music Entertainment

If you’re looking for great entertainment for your wedding, look no further. Dance to the Music Entertainment is the perfect choice.

Dance to the Music Entertainment

Dance to the Music Entertainment offer both DJ and live band options, making them the ideal choice for any wedding. They offer a number of packages to suit any budget. All packages come with a light show, and some include a deluxe light show that includes everything from a smoke machine to a light up roses for your guests.

Dance to the Music Entertainment

If you want to know more about what Dance to the Music Entertainment can bring to your big day, check out their site or get in touch with them through our vendor directory.

Dance to the Music Entertainment
You can also meet them at our upcoming show at Dolce Norwalk on April 14. Dance to the Music Entertainment are sponsoring the show, too. You’ll also get to meet plenty of other vendors, and have a chance to win all sorts of great prizes, including $25,000 towards your wedding. To find out more about this show, and to find out about other upcoming Wedding Steps Bridal Expos, check out our schedule.

Wedding Budgets Continue to Rise

According to the annual Real Weddings Study, the budgets for weddings have continued to grow through 2012, with Connecticut brides spending an average of $38,009 on their big day.

The survey, conducted by and, asked over 17,5000 brides about their 2012 weddings. The results showed that the average amount spent on almost every part of a wedding has increased over the 2011 results.

Bride and Groom

So what does this mean for a bride planning a wedding in 2013?

Well, for one, it can give you an idea of where your wedding budget it likely to be spent. For instance, knowing that the average amount spent on a venue is just under $13,000 can help you prepare yourself for where your money will go.

Another thing to consider is your per guest costs. With whole weekends of entertainment growing in popularity, the per guest spend has increased to $204.

Of course, no matter what your budget, wedding planning can be great fun. There’s no better way to get your wedding planning into gear than to attend a Wedding Steps Bridal Expo.

Two Great Wedding Shows

It’s a busy time for wedding planning, and that means it’s a busy time for Wedding Steps. With on great show this weekend ¬†and another one next weekend, there’s no better time for Connecticut brides to start their wedding planning.

Vendors at Wedding Steps

This weekend’s show is at Bill Miller’s Castle in Branford, and is set to be an afternoon full of excitement. With a huge range of door prizes, bridal fashion shows, and every vendor you’ll need to plan your wedding, it’s perfect for brides-to-be who are just starting or almost finished.

Roll the Dice to Win

If you can’t get to today’s show, join us next weekend when we will be at the Waterview in Monroe. The first 50 brides through the door will have the chance to win $25,000 for their wedding, and there will be plenty of door prizes and the chance to win our Grand Prize Honeymoon!

A wedding show is the ideal day out for a bride and her bridal party. It is fun for all, and can help you accomplish so much in one day, making the rest of your planning easy.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, buy them now! We look forward to seeing you this weekend and next weekend!