Month: December 2012

Blake and Ryan’s rustic wedding

Back in early September, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a very intimate wedding. The ceremony, held at Boone Hill Plantation in South Carolina, was kept very quiet. With only 35 guests, the couple were able to keep the details of their big day out of the media.

The wedding’s relaxed, rustic feel was partially styled by Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. In this month’s issue, we get to see the first photos of the wedding.

From what we’ve seen, the couple’s wedding drew on a lot of rustic themes. Their many desserts sat on a farm style table, with a muslin cloth under some of the trays of treats. The bride’s bouquet also used a rustic look. The beautiful pale pink flowers were matched with small amounts of leaves for a relaxed look.

The one thing that hasn’t been shown so far is the couple themselves. While one photo shows part of them, it doesn’t let us see much beyond a hint of their attire and Ryan’s wedding band.

Do you want to see more of Blake and Ryan’s wedding photos? What do you think of their wedding’s style? Tell us below.

When Should You Book Wedding Professionals?


The excitement of planning your wedding is like nothing else. You get to meet
with vendors, look at beautiful venues, and decide what sort of day you and your
fiancé want to have.

Of course, with all the excitement, it can be easy to overlook the need to book
early. If you’re planning a long engagement, you might have time to view all
the potential venues at a leisurely pace. However, if you’re planning on
getting married within a year or so of your engagement, you’ll need to get
things organized quickly.

You might not need to rush into booking everything, but you do need to keep
in mind that dates will go quickly, especially in peak months. You might have
more flexibility if you’re planning a weekday wedding, or in an off season,
but you’ll still need to make some decisions quickly.

Don’t feel that booking your venue and vendors is putting extra pressure on you,
though. Having these big parts set earlier can make the rest of the planning
much easier and more fun.

Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are often left to the end of the long list of things that need to be done in wedding planning. Because of this, they turn into a chore or something that lacks personality.

Here are some tips for wedding favors that everyone loves but that don’t add to your stress.

  • For a musical couple, give everyone a mix tape. They’ll love the sentiment, and it’s something they can listen to for years to come. It’s also easy to get CDs produced, either using your home computer or by a professional service.
  • For a foodie couple, an edible favor is always a good choice. Giving guests a special wedding treat can be anything you like. Whether you give a lovely hot chocolate spoon, a jar of tangy mustard, or a wedding cupcake, it’ll be a welcome treat.
  • For crafty couples, think about giving guests something handmade. You can encourage their creativity by giving them a finished product made by you and your fiancé.

No matter what you choose for a wedding favor, your guests will appreciate this gesture of thanks. By being a bit creative, you can give them something truly unique.

Need help?  Come talk to amazing wedding professionals at the next bridal show.

How To Have A Geek Chic Wedding

If you or your fiancé are more high tech than high fashion, you might want to consider ways to make your wedding geek chic.

Geek chic themes are perfect for couples who love all things techy;  video games, comics, and the like. Here are some great ideas for the perfect geek chic wedding.

  • Include technology in your wedding. Chances are good that many of your guests will be armed with smartphones, so utilize it. Give guests a hashtag for use on Instagram and Twitter, and ask them to share their highlights.
  • Get geeky with your décor. Name your tables after video games, computers, or comic books. Use Lego figures as cake toppers instead of the traditional bride and groom. It’s important to keep this in moderation, though. A few small touches can go a long way.
  • Make your favors functional. One great idea is to give your guests a monogrammed USB drive with a special wedding playlist saved on it.

Whether you go full geek chic or just add a touch of technology, you can find plenty more wedding ideas at one of our events.