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Dancing The Night Away- Suggested Songs For Parent Dances

Not sure what song to dance to with Mom or Dad.  Below are songs that brides and grooms have used recently.  Maybe one will be for you and your parents. Soulshine – Allman Brothers Band Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra … Continue reading

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Bride And Groom Really Take The Plunge

Entire Michigan bridal party falls into water after make-shift dock collapses during photo shoot No one was hurt when more than dozen men, women in tuxedos and gowns fell into Gun Lake at the Bay Pointe Inn in Shelbyville as … Continue reading

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An Ultimate Surprise

A surprise birthday, mother’s day, and proposal this bride will never forget Yahoo periodically presents a program they call The Ultimate Surprise. In these clips, they help plan a wonderful surprise to a deserving individual who without their help would … Continue reading

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A Groom’s Guide to Success

Tips for the Groom When it comes to weddings, the spotlight typically falls on the bride. True you guys probably haven’t been dreaming about this day since you were eleven, but regardless you play a large role in the process … Continue reading

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To Top It Off

Get Creative With Your Wedding Cake Toppers   There are so many ways to incorporate creativity and personality into your wedding these days- including with your wedding cake toppers! Who says you have to stick to the traditional bride and … Continue reading

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Small or Big: Don’t Sweat It On Your Day

Bride’s worst nightmare or not, this Georgia bride didn’t let what rained on her parade actually rain on her parade.       Shalita Harris, like any other bride, spent months preparing for her special day let alone spent years dreaming … Continue reading

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Create a Successful Seating Chart for your Special Day

Simple Tips to Help Prepare a Seating Chart that Works for Everyone 1) Divide and Conquer If you have a large group of friends that just cannot fit at one table, divide them exactly in half and mingle them in … Continue reading

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